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Siberian Mammoth Ivory Bark Slabs #AM191

Siberian Mammoth Ivory Bark Slabs #AM191
Siberian Mammoth Ivory Bark Slabs #AM191
Item# siberian-mammoth-ivory-bark-slabs-am191
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Product Description

All our Mammoth ivory bark knife handles or mammoth ivory bark knife scales are cut from the finest mammoth ivory tusks. Each piece is meticulously precision cut and sealed where necessary to deliver to you the unsurpassed quality which we are known for. Our mammoth ivory is old, dry and well aged. All Mammoth ivory is always stored in humidity controlled vaults to assure you of the finest quality.

The dimensions provided within each offering assures you of at least that clean of a working area to craft your ivory knife handle or scale. We are conservative in our measurements. You may purchase with confidence that you are receiving value, quality and an item that is as described.

These are genuine Mammoth Ivory Bark Slabs. This pair has measurements of at least 1.118" wide X 4.80" long X at least .320" thick. These are sold as pairs.