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Elephant Ivory Piano Keys

Elephant  Ivory Piano Keys
We sell elephant ivory piano keys. All heads and tails are cut from genuine legal pre-ban elephant ivory. The keys are cut with the flat grain pattern showing on the faces to insure quality, stability and uniformity. This is a traditional cut. We always cut your order from the same tusk to insure you of excellent color and grain match. For restoration work, simply email us with your specs and quantities for a fast quote.

We can supply; all are .060 thick:
Tail -- .600" x 4"
Standard Head -- 1" x 2"
Large Head -- 5/8" x 3-7/8"


The Short Story: If you wish to purchase ivory, you must be a resident of the State of Florida. If you are not a Florida resident then no legal pre ban ivory may be traded, bought or sold and therefore no emails or questions are necessary.

By purchasing LEGAL PRE BAN IVORY ONLY from this web site, you attest and confirm that you are a legal resident of the State of Florida and have absolutely no intention of shipping any legal pre ban ivory out of the State of Florida.

We can only ship legal pre ban ivory to Florida residents only. Absolutely NO interstate sales. Florida sales only.

NOTICE: We will vigorously assist law enforcement on any out-of-state customers or alleged “straw man” deals which could violate the law. What is a "straw man" deal? When you ask your friend, relative or whatever who resides in Florida to make the purchase for you with the intentions of having them ship it to you in your state.

Also, we will not ship pre ban ivory to hotels while you are visiting Florida. Florida pre ban ivory sales to Florida residents only! Period!