We are America's leading ivory buyer, seller and supplier of quality pre-ban elephant ivory for instrument ivory, guitar parts and more including billiard cue ivory, knife handles, gun grips, etc. We only sell to USA residents - No Exceptions!
Elephant Ivory Tusks was formed to further promote the public awareness of legal pre-ban ivory.

We are located in Florida. We can be reached between the hours of 9am and 5pm eastern Monday thru Friday and sometimes on the weekends at 386-424-0355. Thank you.

We are a financially strong company and promote only legal pre-ban ivory which has been imported into the USA prior to the 1989 ban.

If you have small or large pre ban (June 1989) Elephant Ivory Tusk or Tusks for sale, feel free to contact us if you have an asking price already in mind. We do not make offers. Shop around, get your best offer, then contact us last. We are serious buyers and we don't look to play games. When you have a price in mind and you're ready to sell, contact us. Thank you.

Appraisals are $350 for those of you who need to know the wholesale or retail value for insurance losses and/or purposes.

Attorney's Read Here

If you are an attorney representing yourself or an estate, please email us for our policy and terms.

The Real Facts

We are strong proponents regarding the protection of wildlife and in particular, the elephant. As America's leading ivory buyer, we only purchase old, well documented estate ivory from within the United States. This is ivory that was brought into the USA before the ban in June, 1989. We are legally allowed to trade in this ivory and this is the ivory we purchase and resell. We abide by all United States Federal and State laws. We are always in compliance with Federal and State laws as well as C.I.T.E.S. Treaty as it was established. We work closely with law enforcement.

All our ivory is old, pre-ban and legally imported into the USA prior to the ban being imposed in 1989. By maintaining close working relationships with local state and federal authorities, we are assured that our work does not harm current existing wildlife populations; namely the elephant. The elephant is making a remarkable comeback throughout Africa as has been documented in recent times.

It is impossible to import newer ivory into the USA as U.S. FWS (Fish & Wildlife Service) and ICE (Imigration & Customs Enforcement) as well as Homeland Security are on the job preventing any such activity. It is impossible for anyone to purchase anything other than legal pre ban ivory. We don't know of any recent cases of smuggling ivory into the USA. This shows just how successful the ban and USA laws are. We work closely with FWS and ICE.

As the leading ivory buyer we are also leading market makers in the USA for pre-ban ivory. No one buys more or pays more than we do. There are so-called "museums" which are nothing more than a farce established to confuse and mislead the public. They are no more a museum than you are. These Amish area "museums" are in fact resellers of ivory just as others are. Do not be misled into believing that your ivory is being sold to a museum and being preserved for generations to come. They purchase the ivory and cut it up for parts just as many other craftsman do. This "museum" or sometimes they refer to themselves as a "tusk conservatory" is, once again set-up just to mislead you into believing that they're preserving the tusks. They're a business just like others and they're purchasing the tusks to resell. Do not be misled.

We pay more than anyone and are the leading buyers in the USA for pre-ban ivory tusks and partials. We pay from $40 up to $135 per pound (all solid sections; no hollow for $135 per pound) for tusks and partials. DO NOT contact us first. Shop around, get your best offers and then call us last for quick pick-up and an overnight check. We're here to deal. We're not looking to play pricing games. Get your best offer then call us when you're ready to actually deal.

Regarding Hate Email
If you are an elephant lover like us, then you are intelligent enough to know reality from fiction. If you dislike the fact that we are selling legal pre-ban elephant ivory and insist on reading the stories conjured up by the people with an agenda who write these stories, do not email us. If you choose to believe the agenda driven drivel that's fine. However, please don't waste our time with it or your opinion as we have one of our own.

The facts remain irrefutable as to the truth. Please read the real stories as shown below if you really care and want the truth regarding elephant ivory, the laws and the genuine honest situation. If you are just plain ignorant and insist on trafficking in lies and nonsense, find someone ignorant like yourself to email other than us.

The policies currently in place are a failure. You cannot add more polices to failed policies. You cannot regulate your way out of this mess that was created by well intentioned but ill informed people.

The Law #1

The Law #2

Honest Story #1

Honest Story #2

Honest Story #3

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General Terms Of Sale: Payment with order by credit card (Visa, Mastercard, American Express & Discover) or by Paypal over the internet. We accept checks, money orders and bank wires as well. All orders must include payment in full. All items are in stock and ready for immediate delivery unless otherwise noted or agreed upon (as in custom orders, see below). If an item is out-of-stock you will be notified and your credit card will not be charged. All orders will be charged to your credit card the day your order is shipping (except custom orders) unless other terms have been agreed upon.

We do not under any circumstances rush our craftsmanship and proceedures. If you do not have patience, there are many other outfits who can immediately satisfy your requirements. Craftsmanship, like fine wine, take time. Everything listed is in stock.

Deposits: Any deposit or payment remitted is subject to liquidated damages. In-other-words, we will refund your deposit less any costs incurred as a result of your default. Best to be certain of what you want and are ordering before you order it. We live up to our expectations and we hope that you will do the same.

Warranty: All our Elephant Ivory is preban, well documented and guaranteed genuine. It is also guaranteed dry. All ivory is checked by two representatives of Elephant Ivory Tusks prior to shipping. All Elephant Ivory is well sealed to prevent checking.

Shipping Liability: Our liability ends once an ivory order is picked up by UPS. We endeavor to ship the finest ivory. All purchases are the responsibility of the buyer. Each ivory piece is cut from the best ivory tusks obtainable. Each ivory component is then checked again when your order is being packed by two shippers for being sound prior to shipping. We are not responsible for cracks which may occur (rarely) during shipping or once they reach your location. Our results are excellent in providing quality material but we will not replace any cracked parts due to climatic changes.

Returns: All products are guaranteed genuine and as represented. If you are not 100% satisfied please phone or email us for a return authorization number (RA #) within 3 days of receipt for a prompt and cheerful refund. We will accept returns on most items provided they are returned intact and in the same condition as sent. All sales are considered final after 3 days. We do not refund postage costs and returns are at the buyers expense. Custom cut ivory is non-refundable.

Please be sure to include your name, address, phone number and email address as we may want to contact you regarding your order. If you have any special requests, please note them on the order form.

Our contact information:

Whole Tusks and Partials are never kept on premises for obvious reasons.

By email: info [at] ElephantIvoryTusks.com

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Phone: 386-424-0355 (between 9 a.m. and 5 p.m. EST)
NOTE: We are on east coast time so if you're calling from California, Oregon, Washington State, Arizona, etc after 2pm your time, you will not reach anyone here so please don't call. We're here for calls during east coast times only. Modify the time of your calls so you can be accommodated during our business hours.

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