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Ivory Pen Blank Round (small)
Regular price: $100.00
Sale price: $75.00
Ivory Ferrule Drilled & Tapped
Regular price: $90.00
Sale price: $54.95
Ivory Scrap (large) or Jewelry Grade
Regular price: $24.95
Sale price: $23.70
Elephant Ivory Ferrules
Regular price: $75.00
Sale price: $49.95
Elephant Ivory Joint Collar
Regular price: $75.00
Sale price: $99.95, 5/$484.75, 10/$929.50
Elephant Ivory Butt Cap
Regular price: $225.00
Sale price: $179.95

Welcome to Elephant Ivory Tusks!

We're Still Buying Pre Ban Ivory From Within The State Of Florida Only!

Sales only
to Florida Residents!


Effective July 6, 2016, NO INTERSTATE SALES! We may only buy and sell within the State of Florida only.

You may read all the legal mumbo jumbo here.

The long version is here.

Elephant Ivory Tusks

We are America's leading elephant ivory tusk dealers. As the largest buyers, sellers and ivory suppliers to the trade. We only purchase and sell legal, pre-ban (June 1989) elephant ivory tusk from estates, museums, investors and collectors within the USA.

Our elephant ivory buying prices are the highest that the market will bare at any given time. We offer the highest quality, white Elephant Ivory for sale through our services. We offer quality and value. All items are in stock for immediate delivery.

We are also resellers of pre-ban single Ivory Tusk or pairs of Ivory Tusks. A single Ivory Tusk and/or Ivory Tusk pairs from several pounds up to almost 120 lbs are usually available. Inquiries are welcomed.

This site is intended for use whether buying or selling by United States FLORIDA residents only as all products cannot be shipped out of the United States or out of Florida. No Exceptions! In-other-words, if you do not reside in Florida, USA please do not contact us for any reason.

We condemn the illegal slaughter of elephants and support practical efforts to stop elephant poaching and trade in illegal ivory.
As a leading pre ban elephant ivory buyer, we are also suppliers to craftsmen of ivory knife scales or handles and ivory gun handles, ivory pen blanks, instrument ivory for parts, scrimshaw, ivory for billiard cues, ivory guitar parts and more as well as elephant ivory for other artisans. You can check out our offerings by clicking on the elephant ivory sales links to your left or by calling or emailing us.

We invite you to browse through our store and shop with confidence. All Elephant Ivory is guaranteed pre ban, stored in a humidity controlled environment, high quality and unbleached for crafting.

Remember, our clients are accustomed to our products and services. Therefore, they stay loyal because they realize that the competition does not have the very same quality. The competition has what appears to be the very same quality.

All products listed are cut from Genuine Pre Ban Elephant Ivory. Our PreBan Elephant Ivory is well documented and may be sold to USA customers only; no exceptions. It may not be transported outside of the USA nor will we ship outside of the USA so please do not ask. We only sell to and ship to Florida residents.

If you don't see something you need, simply click on our 'Email Us' page for assistance and a quick price quote or further information. We can custom cut ivory for just about any application.

As America's leading Ivory buyer, we also purchase elephant ivory tusks; please use our 'Email Us' page or call us at 386-424-0355.

Thank you for visiting.

To All The Tree-Huggers Who Like To Profess Their Ignorance
And want to send us their hate emails....

We are not interested in your ignorance which many of you seem to profess. Please email someone who cares to listen to your nonsense and chatter. Learn the law.

Here is a lesson in ivory: It is legal to purchase pre ban ivory. Do you understand that? If you don't understand that, we cannot help you.

Now, if someone poached the ivory in Africa, they would somehow have to smuggle it into the USA. Smuggling illegal complete ivory tusks into the USA is virtually impossible. For them to smuggle ivory tusks into the USA, you would have to believe that USA customs and Fish & Wildlife are inept at their jobs. If you believe that, then write your Congressman. If you believe they are very capable at their jobs (which they are), then you also believe that no illegal full ivory tusks enters our country and marketplace. If you believe that, then ivory dealers such as us have no access to illegal tusks and therefore we can't purchase them. If we can't (and won't) purchase them, it cannot affect current poaching because the poachers in Africa can't sell their illegally poached tusks here. Any legal entity (such as us) buying and selling legal pre ban ivory report any illegal trafficking faster than a New York minute. No legal pre ban ivory buyers here in the USA want any part of illegal trafficking. If they (the poachers) cannot sell it here, the USA is not a factor or market in current poaching. If that is the case (which it is) then us buying pre ban ivory tusks has nothing to do with poaching current wildlife populations. Don't you hate logic. Here is some additional valuable information as to the legality of buying and selling pre-ban ivory.

Now, if all that is too deep for you to understand or perhaps you are too ignorant to understand simple logic and rationale, then you have our sympathy. If you still believe that trading in Pre Ban ivory affects current ivory there is no hope for you as you are stuck on incorrect facts. As such, you probably need to get a life. From what we understand, eBay auctions them occasionally and we suggest that you go and buy yourself one. Have a nice day.

The WWF (World Wildlife Fund) which claims to be a worthwhile organization promotes the preservation of nature and that's a good thing. However, one should read here to gain a better understanding of this organization and its highly paid top executives and what donations actually fund. They need donations from unsuspecting like minded uninformed individuals to push their agenda so that funds keep flowing in and its top executives keep remaining fat.

Unfortunately, they make the following statement which is irresponsible, misleading and incorrect. "And some say if the elephant's already dead, why not buy the item, right? Wrong. If people keep buying these products the illegal trade will continue, and poachers will keep killing for more'. That would be true IF one were able to import ivory into the USA and one were able to export ivory to the USA. It is against international and USA law to import or export ivory; period! USA Customs and FWS does a wonderful job of enforcing the law. Since that is the case and law, the WWF has it all wrong. Buying and selling pre-ban ivory already in the USA since before the ban is quite legal and does nothing to harm current elephant populations. To the contrary, current elephant populations are at an all time high due to their protection. And, that last statement, like it or not, is very true despite all the propaganda to the contrary.

The fact remains that thousands of hunters prior to 1989 and especially in the 1940's through 1970's is when hunters went after their trophies. Much of this ivory still remains and is coming onto the market today as these generations of hunters are passing on their trophies, selling off estates and/or selling it themselves. When these people pass on, there will be no more. The greatest generation gave us the freedom as we know it today and their ranks are dwindling on a daily basis as is legal pre ban ivory.