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Elephant Ivory Ferrules

Elephant Ivory Ferrules
Elephant Ivory Ferrules
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Product Description

The picture to your left shows well over 600 pool cue ivory ferrules. We are probably the largest seller of pool cue ivory ferrules in the USA and this batch was for one client.

These ferrules are cut from genuine elephant ivory. They are turned round to an approximate size of .540 diameter X 1.125" (+-) in length.

From time-to-time we end up with what we call, 'ferrule shorts' which are leftovers from the many cuttings we make. The diameter is .540 and these can range in length from 1/2" (.500) up to almost 1" in length. They probably average .625 to .750 in length. We price them at $11 each in quantities of 10. If you have any interest in these, please click over to ElephantIvoryTusks.com. Oh, we had better clarify our pricing statement: that's $11 each if you purchase 10 but they're on sale now so check them out! So, you must purchase 10 to get the $11 price. I know it sounds ridiculous but we will get inquiries from people who will think that we're selling 10 of them for $11. We get some doozies!

Per 1 @ $49.95 each
Per 5 @ $46.95 each
Per 10 @ $42.95 each
FLORIDA Sales Only!

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